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Are You Washing Clothes the Wrong Way? Here Are Three Ways to Tell

Laundry day comes around every week with little fanfare. Most of us rarely stop to think about how we’re washing our clothes and linens, as long as they are getting clean at the end of the day. But, did you know that there are ways to make the most of the laundry day? Here are three must-know tips concerning how best to wash your clothes.

Separate clothes wisely.

While separating lights and darks is a given, there are several other ways to divide clothing to ensure cleaner results. Separate dirty or muddy items from clothing that is only lightly soiled and be sure to separate abrasive fabrics (denim) from delicate ones.

Don’t overload the machines.

You might be tempted to fill your washer to the brim but give your garments the freedom to spin around the drum, and evenly distribute detergent and fabric conditioner. The same applies to your dryer, which won’t be able to do its job if it’s too full.

Select the right water temperature.

Coldwater is favored by most since it’s more environmentally friendly and won’t damage, discolor, or shrink fabrics. Be sure to use cold water for everyday cleaning and the washing of fabrics like wool or silk. Hot water, however, is the best option when you’re trying to remove stains, stench, or germs.

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