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Set Yourself Up for Success While Working From Home with These Suggestions

It is never a bad idea to think of your next career move. With many Americans working from home due to illness, personal obligations, and more, remote work is becoming standard practice in modern society. Some careers paths even exclusively encourage employees to work from home or on a hybrid schedule. But, working remotely can be difficult, especially for those people who thrive within a structured environment or have many distractions at home. Here are some suggestions that will help you feel more accomplishment at the end of the workday.

Stick to Your Regular Routine

You might not have to don your regular business suit when working from home, but it’s still a good idea to mimic your regular morning routine as much as possible. Make your usual cup of coffee, brush your teeth, and get dressed – even if you stick to a t-shirt and jeans. Acting as if you’re heading into your physical work environment will help remind yourself and others around you that, though you may be knocking out your to-do list from your couch, you are still working.

Minimize Distractions

As a remote employee, you’ll be tempted to juggle at-home work with seemingly innocent behaviors like browsing non-work-related websites or binge-watching your favorite comedy series. However, distractions are sure to derail your workflow, so do everything you can to keep them in check. Consider listening to music instead of turning on that Netflix series. If you have a dedicated office space at home, use it – don't simply lounge in the living room. If possible, you might also consider leaving home entirely to perform your work at a coffee shop or local park.

Be Sure to Structure Your Day

When you go to work, you probably follow a similar daily structure. For example, you might always dedicate your first hour of work to answering emails or checking in with clients or employees. When you work from home, do your best to maintain that same structure, even if it means replacing certain activities with others. Perhaps you can’t reach all of your clients from the comfort of home. Instead, use that time to work on another project. It’s all about staying on-task, and for many people, structure helps them do just that.

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