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Want to Be Successful? Start by Honing These 3 Qualities

Many people believe that one’s childhood is the primary indicator of success during adulthood – that without a loving, nurturing childhood, adults cannot possibly enjoy success in their family life, career, or personal endeavors. However, research suggests that lifelong success isn’t directly linked to childhood circumstances. Instead, it is adults with specific personality traits who are healthier and more successful than their peers. Here’s a look at 3 of the top characteristics of successful adults.

Emotional Stability

Emotional stability and mental health go hand-in-hand – and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the most successful adults tend to have a firm grip on their emotional and mental well-being. Researchers at the Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus have found a correlation between emotional stability and future success in a work environment. The study asserts that those who are more in control of their emotions can handle typical work stressors better, leading to further opportunities and less stress.


Did you know that determination is one of the top skills employers look for when hiring? Perhaps that’s because determined people get things done and are more willing to move past obstacles to reach their future goals when compared to their colleagues. Exhibit determination, and you’ll not only be more likely to land that dream job, but also build wealth over the years while excelling in personal goals.


Are you a conscientious person? By definition, those who are conscientious typically possess great organizational skills and a detail-oriented approach. A study in Frontiers of Psychology found that conscientiousness more consistently determined one’s life satisfaction, income, and success than the other life skills examined, including emotional stability and cognitive ability. Conscientiousness is also a reliable predictor of academic grades, job performance, marital stability, and physical health.

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